Sabi Sushi Blues & Roots

Sabi Blues & Roots SABI as the beauty that time brings to things. Originated from the ancient concept of wabi-sabi, the Janapese vision of imperfect beauty,

SABI represents the rustic elegance that comes with age, the easiness that comes with experience, the value and exquisiteness of modesty… A simple concept, marinated in time and care, to create a beautiful experience for our community.

BLUES as the universal channel of human vibration. Music gathers, music activates, music connects. With delicious Japanese food, vibrant drinks and a chill environment, we celebrate music as the perfect catalyst for human connection.

ROOTS as the reaffirmation of who we are and where we belong. Deeply rooted in the heart of Ocean Shores and its vicinity, we aim to create the perfect space to honor our own, the table to gather us all, the place to be in the look for flavor, fun and friendship.


Our Love for Food

From shape to content, our colorful menu is an invitation for flavor and fun. Carefully selected traditional Japanese ingredients and preparations meet the master hands of our international chef team, to create the perfect food for our diverse community.

With a comprehensive offer of seafood, poultry and vegan options, joining a casual yet adventurous selection of beer, wine and sake, Sabi brings the best of Japanese food to the heart of Ocean Shores. Following the beautiful simplicity that lies in Sabi’s core, our menu includes some of the most popular dishes of Japanese cuisine blended with locally-focused flavors, while maintaining the ancestral precision and mystic in the hands of our itamae.

We have assumed the challenge of supplying with the best traditional ingredients, brought straight from Japan, while also supporting Australian fisheries in the search for the freshest tuna, salmon, kingfish and mackerel.